Monsoon Shed are erected as per any specification required by our customers. They are made up of Bamboos / Ballis / Tarpaulins etc. and are 100% waterproof.

Hiring of warehouses can prove to be very uneconomical in the long run. We can offer to erect sheds as per your specifications in your own premises or anywhere in India. These sheds are available either on outright purchase or on contract basis. Either way it works out to be extremely cost effecient compared to warehousing charges or constructing a godown.

We at Anchor Shed take total responsibility for setting up the sheds - from transporting all the material at site & deploying the labour to erecting the sheds & dismantling it after the hire period.

We assure you full protection for all your goods once the shed is constructed. The area of our sheds can measure 10000, sq.ft. to 100000 sq.ft or more if required.The shed frames are made from teakwood ballies, bamboos & coir ropes. They are then covered with 100% waterproof HDPE tarpaulins further strengthened by black LDPE film.